Mouth Rejuvenations

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Mouth Rejuvenations in Washington, Missouri

Many of us have dentistry in our mouths from long ago that is breaking down and showing signs of wear.  Dr. Mace has trained with some of the brightest minds in restorative dentistry over his career to learn how to properly restore these cases, and has helped countless patients transform their lives with what is known as a full-mouth reconstruction.  Full mouth reconstructions involve a re-design of how your jaw and mouth function, of proper tooth positioning, and of esthetic proportions of your teeth. These cases are among the most challenging, yet rewarding, cases Dr. Mace delivers because of the dramatic impact they have on patients’ lives.

For some cases, Dr. Mace will work out a plan with you to phase treatment over a number of years.  The dentistry in your mouth has not failed overnight, and may not need to restored overnight either.  By phasing aspects of your care, your mouth has time to adjust to the work we do, your yearly expenses are reduced, and the amount of your care that is covered by insurance is maximized.

Some patients have issues with teeth being worn down from grinding (bruxism) or who work in occupations (such as farming) that put sediment in their mouths and increases the rate of tooth wear.  These cases typically involve “opening the bite” of the patient, where all of the teeth in one or both arches are crowned or veneered to restore the teeth to their ideal, esthetically-pleasing form.  

Dr. Mace has rebuilt/rejuvenated many patients with worn dentitions, and has the training and experience to design and deliver an attractive, functional, and long-lasting solution for patients needing this life-changing service.  

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